Twice as nice with Caple’s new washer dryer

Caple’s new fully-integrated WDi3301 has been designed for those who are looking for high-quality washing and drying performance from one appliance.

This condenser washer dryer offers a roomy interior – 8KG for washing and 6KG for drying – with a 310mm diameter door which is extra-large, so there’s ample space for bulkier items, such as bedding.

Caple’s Product Manager, Luke Shipway, explained: “Our new WDi3301 washer dryer with a maximum spin speed of 1,400rpm is ideal if you’ve got a compact living area (kitchen or utility room) because you get the best of both worlds in one appliance. This model will also suit families, because we have designed it to accommodate large loads.”

Featuring 16 programmes, you’re bound to find a function to suit a variety of needs, including ‘wash and dry’, which takes just one hour, and a 15-minute fast wash. Both of these are ideal if time is tight and you need your clothes cleaned quickly. There is even a personalised function, so you can easily programme your most used cycle at the push of a button.

A stylish, white LED display will provide you with the programme time remaining so you can plan your day accordingly. And don’t forget to take advantage of the 24-hour delay timer, so you can operate this model at a more convenient time when electricity rates are less expensive.