Miele updates its ‘A’ rated G 7000 dishwashing range

Miele has introduced a selection of new and updated dishwasher models to its G 7000 collection – all with an ‘A’ rating, Quiet Mark approved and with the Golden Seal for Hygiene from the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology.

Miele’s sustainable G 7000 dishwashing range incorporates eco-friendly features and user convenience such as the AutoDos automatic detergent dispensing system with PowerDisk, along with AutoOpen Drying, 3D MultiFlex Tray and 10+ programmes. Easy to use via the app or voice control, the Germany manufacturing giant said the dishwashers save time, money, energy and water and are ultra-quiet.

G 7410 SC

Miele says its appliances are crafted for 20 years of perfectly sparkling results, and testing includes running the 75 degrees programme a staggering 7,500 times, opening and closing the door 100,000 times, and pulling the baskets in and out 100,000 times!

The new and updated models in the G 7000 dishwashing collection includes freestanding, semi-integrated and fully integrated models so there is a design to suit different kitchen requirements.

There’s the freestanding G 7410 SC model featuring a TFT display and 10 programmes including QuickPowerWash (which provides a full wash and dry programme in 58 minutes).  AutoOpen drying at the end of all cycles ensures perfectly dried crockery, Tupperware and cutlery while saving energy.

Meanwhile, the semi-integrated G 7200 SCi model features eight programmes – including Express and Intense Zone options as well as a 3D MultiFlex tray, which can be configured in nine different ways for flexible cutlery storage.

G 7460 SCVi & G7465 SCVi XXL

In Miele’s fully integrated range, the G 7460 SCVi and G7465 SCVi XXL models feature 12 specialist programmes from Express to ExtraClean, they also benefit from Miele’s AutoDos with PowerDisk for automatic detergent dispensing.

And there’s Miele’s G 7660 SCVi fully integrated model with all the above functions, plus BrilliantLight – the patented door control automatically lights up when the dishwasher is opened. And the G 7975 SCVi XXL K20 top-of-the-range model provides the convenient Knock2Open technology. Simply knock twice on the front panel and the door will open by 10cm on its own!