Major new cooking collection from Hoover

Hoover has announced details of an extensive new cooking range comprising smart, pyrolytic and steam ovens and gas and induction hobs.

With a total of 53 SKUs, the range, called Collection 3, cleverly combines new aesthetics with functionality and modern technology. A number of models boast WiFi connectivity, offering remote control, voice activation and access to 200 recipes.

The ovens, available in 65 to 78L capacities and single or double configurations, have large cavities offering multifunction cooking, with steam, pyrolytic or catalytic cleaning functionality. Sleek looking with clean lines, the Hoover Collection 3 ovens are being tailored to offer exclusive models to its retailers, either black glass or stainless steel-dominated finishes.

In addition, Collection 3 comprises a total of 20 gas and induction hobs. Ranging from 60 to 75cm in width and with four and five cooking zones, the gas products have either cast iron or enamel pan supports and wok burners. Incorporating a selection of gas-on-glass models, the range also has an assortment of induction hobs.

With either independent touch or slide controls, the six induction hobs are either 60 or 80cm wide and have boosters and/or flexi zones. Two SKUs are WiFi connected, offering remote control, pre-set special functions and step-by-step recipes.

Through the hobs’ ‘MyChef’ function, people can set specific modes, including keep warm, melt, simmer, and boil, pause cooking and check the hob status.

In addition, the Collection’s smart hobs have a power management function so users can control and set energy consumption.

Nick Platt, Business Director, Built-in Appliances at Hoover, said that this is the manufacturer’s first major cooking collection launch in more than two years and Collection 3 meets booth current and future consumer needs.

“As a leader in smart appliances, we wanted to build this tech into our new models to offer appliances that provide great performance and add value to everyday lives,” he said. “We know that people were cooking more during lockdown and our latest products mean that even the most amateur or nervous cooks can impress with their culinary talents thanks to support and guidance available through the accompanying app.

“These new look ovens will certainly stand out in the showroom and we’ve been impressed with initial feedback from the trade when discussing listings or displays.

“Cooking is a major focus for us, evidenced in our partnership with Simon Rimmer and we’re proud to be doing our bit to help consumers who aspire to cook better.”