IFA 2020: Haier adds to Cube Series with new fridge freezer

Haier has introduced an ultra-modern fridge freezer, adding to its ever-growing range of Cube Series of fridge freezers.

Introducing this new Cube Series Slim Fridge Freezer HTF-520IP7, with water dispenser and ice maker, this 90cm model has a large capacity of up to 489 litres. There is an internal tank positioned in the freezer filled with water, automatically generating the ice in various forms, that can be stored for long time. The auto Ice maker can stock up to 8kg of ice.

This clever four-door cube design is equipped with easy opening; two doors for the fridge, two for freezer. The compartments are designed to be filled in a clever way. And with A++ energy efficiency rating, using up to 40 per cent less energy than one with an ‘A’ energy rating.

The smart technological innovations in the HTF-520IP7 take care of every part of your refrigerator, adjusting and optimising conditions to ensure your food maintains its flavour, nutritional content and quality for longer.

T-ABT neutralises 99.9 per cent of bacteria to maintain freshness and remove bad odours.

It works thanks to the strength of the air circulation. T-ABT emits Silver Ion in the air; a clean airflow avoids any cross contamination, helps to maintain the original flavours of your food, while also improving hygiene.

In addition, keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and save money on replacing items. Haier’s Moist Zone keeps the humidity within the compartment at an optimum 90 per cent, which helps to maintain their nutritional content.