‘Designed for modern living’: Caple’s new four-door fridge-freezer

Caple has introduce its new fridge-freezer (CAFF46GM), which it said has been designed for modern living with flexibility in mind.

This stylish model, with French doors and a gunmetal finish, features four separate compartments. However, what sets it apart is the option to use one of these sections (bottom left) as a fridge or freezer.

Product Manager at Caple, Luke Shipway, explained: “This month, we have launched a number of new refrigeration models under the Caple brand and the CAFF46GM is one such appliance. We created the special compartment to act as a fridge or freezer to suit changing needs for the homeowner. You can simply choose which function you require via the easy-to-use touch controls on our stylish LED display.”

This model is extremely quiet, operating at 44dB (normal conversation levels take place at 59dB), which makes it perfect for open-plan living. Energy efficiency has also been carefully considered, from options to switch this appliance onto Eco or Holiday mode to an energy-saving display preference and an enhanced energy-saving LED light.

There’s also drink cooling mode, which is ideal for use during Summer. Every press of this button will enable the cooling period to increase by five minutes up to a total of 30. This allows you to store bottled drinks in the freezer to cool them quickly then an alarm will sound to warn you to remove them after a period of time.

In addition, super-cool and super-freeze functions are highly beneficial in this appliance as you simply place food shopping inside and it will reach the desired temperature quickly. Food will also last longer in the CAFF46GM as Caple’s signature Caple Cool air flow system keeps everything at an even temperature.