Denon’s new flagship over-ear headphone – the AH-D7200 – is designed with the most demanding audiophile in mind.

Two criteria were front of mind for Denon’s engineers – uncompromised sound quality and unparalleled comfort.

The AH-D7200 features unique FreeEdge nano-fibre drive units inside stylish walnut housings.

For the ear cushions, Denon has used Japanese-developed soft synthetic leather covers, chosen because they provide users with an extra level of listening comfort.

The 50mm FreeEdge driver diaphragm, made from a nano-fibre material, was chosen for its rigidity and low mass. This is said to deliver accurate pistonic motion without distortion.

The motor system driving the diaphragm uses copper-coated aluminium wire and neodymium magnets to increase the linearity and speed of response.

The drive units are also mounted on vibration-reducing resin baffles, said to help reduce distortion.

The AH-D7200 headphones are priced at £699. 

Denon: 02890 279830