Quiet Mark partners with Trusted Reviews on product testing collaboration

The Miele WEG 365 WCS PWash 9kg Washing Machine – Quiet Mark certified

Quiet Mark has announced a new collaboration with Trusted Reviews, the independent consumer product reviews brand, to provide buying advice short-cuts and help more consumers find the best acoustic performing products.

This new alliance will enable millions of Trusted Reviews readers to easily find Quiet Mark certified products.

Quiet Mark’s National Noise Report released in October 2021, in association with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation, highlighted the importance of a quieter home; over four fifths of people stated they would like quieter appliances and two thirds of 18 to 34 year olds wished to have a quieter home.

New joint testing projects between the two brands aims to help elevate the aural design of products, optimising the overall level of acoustic comfort for homes and offices, ranging from headphones and laptops, to white goods and small home appliances. The results of lab testing will be used to offer Trusted Reviews readers a new metric to base purchase decisions on while flagging if it has been accredited by Quiet Mark’s specialist acoustic measurement standards.

Trusted Reviews and Quiet Mark are also teaming up to offer manufacturers support to independently evaluate the noise performance of their products. Its B2B Trusted Reviews Labs business includes test facilities for TV and audio, computing, gaming and homes split across two locations, each managed and run by a team of Trusted Reviews product experts and dedicated technicians.

Poppy Szkiler, CEO and Co-Founder of Quiet Mark, said: “Trusted Reviews’ shared passion to champion lowest sound levels across home technologies is a leadership example in understanding how to truly care for their readers, along with Quiet Mark’s other established acoustic testing partners. Especially at this time of great global change where family and work life is now often all under one roof daily, solutions to support peace in the home have become a must have.”

Trusted Reviews’ Managing Director, Chris Dicker, said the partnership is a key step in the business’s mission to help readers make informed purchases.

“Partnering with Quiet Mark gives us the ability to double down on our audio testing in relevant categories and offer our readers valuable information on the sound emitted by those products.

“Noise is such an important factor many consumers may not take into consideration, until they’ve bought a product and have to live with it day-in, day-out. With our new partnership we can make sure there is awareness pre-purchase, reducing our readers’ chance of experiencing buyers’ remorse.”