Yamaha unveils latest TRUE SOUND wireless earbuds

Yamaha has launched its new TW-E5B true wireless earbuds, adopting the brand’s TRUE SOUND ethos delivering clear and very real vocal and musical sound. The 7mm driver unit and exit are placed on the same axis as the sound conduit, eliminating obstacles from the sound conduit to the sound exit as much as possible.

By driving the diaphragm quickly and accurately in response to the input signal, a clear high frequency range can be reproduced. With the internal design of the earbuds, Yamaha has achieved a structure with few protrusions to prevent interference from unnecessary noise and echoes.

Additionally, a small hole is provided on the rear side of the earbuds to control the back pressure generated from the driver. This maximizes the use of air inside the earbuds and leads to the reproduction of a rich low range with a three-dimensional feel.

The housing design has an ‘edge’ to fit in the ear for greater comfort. The size of the auricular cavity varies widely from person to person. The oval shape of the earbuds allows the user to rotate the earbuds to fit in any position when worn. Four sizes of ear-tips are provided.

Yamaha said that throughout its history, it has aspired to enrich the lives of people with sound and music. A fundamental promise of TRUE SOUND is not just delivering this today but allowing future generations to experience it too. However, according to a report published in 2019 by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that more than one billion young people are at risk of developing avoidable, permanent hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices.

“Listening Care is one of our unique features which allows for a TRUE SOUND listening experience for a lifetime, without losing any musical expression at any volume level,” explained Yoshi Tsugawa, Senior General Manager, Home Audio Division, Yamaha Corporation.

“We launched the TW-E5B on World Hearing Day to encourage customers to think about a high-quality listening experience and their hearing health. By using our products and letting our customers know about this global activity via a new website we have launched, we hope that many music lovers will think about their long-term hearing health.”

In order to hear hard-to-hear sounds, instead of turning up the volume excessively and listening at this volume for extended periods, Yamaha Listening Care adjusts the difficult-to-hear high and low frequencies so that the original tonal balance of the music is maintained. This allows you to enjoy your music even at a lower volume without having to turn up the volume excessively.

When it comes to voice calls, the TW-E5B feature Qualcomm cVc (Clear Voice Capture) technology. The high-performance MEMS microphones in both earbuds are dedicated to calls, separating the incoming voice from other noises during sound capture.

Silicone is used to surround the wire connecting the microphone hole in the earphone housing to the call circuit board. By sealing the sound conduit, it prevents unnecessary resonance and sound loss before it reaches the circuit. These two mechanisms make it possible to deliver voice more clearly to the person on the other end of a call or meeting.

The TW-E5B are also IPX5 water and sweat resistant; other features include up to 30 hours of battery life with an enhanced charging case (featuring easy-read battery life indicators), easy controls for phone calls, music playback and Siri/Google Assistant activation, plus custom EQ setting in the Headphone Control App.