Yamaha expands its soundbar line-up with two brand new models

The SR-C20A (C20)

Yamaha has expanded its range of soundbars with the addition of two new models, the SR-C20A (C20) and SR-B20A (B20). Each features a slim profile, simple setup and competitive sound to satisfy any space or budget – from on-demand video to music streaming services.

Yamaha enters the compact sound bar market with the C20; at just 600mm long and 64mm high, the C20 is designed to fit modern life where space is limited, including gamer stations, bedrooms, offices, playrooms and dorms. It can discreetly fit in front of any screen without obstructing the action or be easily wall-mounted.

The SR-C20A (C20)

The C20 distinguishes itself from other compact soundbars with its focus on audio and connectivity. Powerful sound is delivered from a built-in subwoofer and dual passive radiators. Four customisable sound modes (standard, stereo, game, movie) are available, in addition to a virtual surround mode. The breadth of connection options also differentiates the C20 from other compact sound bars, with HDMI ARC, optical and aux to connect and control the sound bar with your TV remote, leaving no source unconnected.

With Yamaha’s B20, building off of the success and admiration of the YAS-108, the B20 incorporates enhancements to complement thin TVs and their shrinking speakers. This includes dual built-in subwoofers, which have been redesigned for richer and clearer bass, plus DTS Virtual:X, which imparts even more realism into movies and games. Aesthetically, the B20 sports a new shape and slim profile, with sleek, deep black fabric and larger, dimmable LEDs for visibility of sound bar functions and adjustments.

The SR-B20A (B20)

These new C20 and B20 soundbars – which will both be available by the Autumn – are more than just a first step to take consumers beyond their built-in TV speakers. They put you directly on the path to more immersive entertainment to enjoy true sound in any room.

Both the C20 and B20 feature Clear Voice technology, a Yamaha fan favourite, for enhanced dialogue clarity.

Along with control by an existing TV remote (when connected via HDMI), each sound bar comes with its own remote and is supported by the Sound Bar Controller App for smartphone control. Easy access buttons on top of the C20 and B20 allow for quick control of volume levels, sound modes and input selection on the units themselves.

Both sound bars can be placed on a cabinet or shelf, or wall-mounted via the built-in keyholes. No additional bracket is required.