Whirlpool launches brand new 6TH SENSE induction hobs

Whirlpool has launched a brand new range of black glass induction hobs that offer its patented 6TH SENSE technology, improved heat distribution and enhanced flexibility, designed to adapt to the individual users cooking needs and accommodate a variety of pan sizes.

Available in widths of 600mm (WF S0160 NE) – pictured above– and 770mm (WF S3977 NE), the 6TH SENSE induction hobs from Whirlpool feature four cooking zones and benefit from flexible cooking options, Chef Control and the brand new FlexiSide feature. Chef Control divides the hob into three zones and sets each zone to a different and pre-set power level, enabling the user to move the pans from one area to another, without changing the power level. FlexiSide combines two cooking zones together, which is ideal for larger or oval shaped pans, and utilises four inductors for improved, consistent, heat distribution.

To optimise and enhance the cooking experience, the brand new Whirlpool induction hobs boast automatic settings that enable the user to select popular hob functions, including keep warm, boiling, melting or simmering, with just one touch. The chosen setting is maintained by intelligent 6TH SENSE sensors that detect the cooking utensil’s temperature, while monitoring and adjusting the power until the dish is ready to serve. In addition, 6TH SENSE technology can save the user up to 30 per cent in energy and time.

The Whirlpool induction hobs also benefit from an enhanced user interface with dedicated sliders to control each individual cooking zone.

Charmaine Warner, Brand Manager at Whirlpool, said: “With increasingly busy lifestyles, intelligent cooking appliances that make meals easier to prepare are increasingly appealing. The brand new Whirlpool induction hobs combine superior performance and intuitive controls with a cutting edge design and our patented 6TH SENSE technology to make perfect cooking effortless as well as enjoyable.

“In addition, there is a handy retailer tool, the demonstration mode, to show the consumer the excellent benefits and enhanced flexibility of the hob.”