Vestel launches Twitch streaming app on its smart TVs

Vestel has launched a new interactive livestreaming app – called Twitch – across its European range of smart TVs.

The service has been rolled out to any TV produced from June 2018 onwards from brands including JVC, Hitachi and Techwood, which are all manufactured by Vestel.

With one-click access to the app, consumers can browse Twitch channels and watch live streams; it is easy to navigate and find content via the television and those with Twitch accounts will be able to sign in so they can keep up with the latest live broadcasts from the streamers they follow.

The smart TVs themselves support and build on the Twitch viewing experience. With screen sizes including 58, 65 and 75-inch, they are suitable for bringing all the latest on-screen entertainment to life, such as live streams of games.

Promising a more deeply immersive audio-visual performance, many of the TVs also offer 4K HDR, and additional built-in TV speakers, as well as image processing technologies to refine the picture quality and ensure judder-free action scenes.

“We are extremely proud to be able to launch Twitch on our Smart TVs,” said Barış Altınkaya, Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Product Management, Vestel. “With this addition to our app line-up, we can connect everyone at home to an endless library of live entertainment that covers everything from games, sports, and travel to cooking and talk shows.

“Whatever their interests, thanks to this app collaboration, we can offer viewers more of the content they love, whilst also maximising their Twitch viewing experience with cutting-edge, big-screen TVs.”

Sajjad Rehman, Director of Business Development at Twitch, added: “Twitch is first and foremost a community which comes together to experience live entertainment, based on their passions and fuelled by interactivity. And there is no more important community than a family.

“Bringing Twitch into the living room through the Vestel TVs will make it even easier for even more communities to come together for those never to be repeated moments which take on Twitch every second.”