TP Vision unveils new Philips over-ear noise cancelling headphones

The PH805 headphones’ Advanced Digital ANC hybrid technology uses four ECM microphones – two feed-back microphones inside the earcup and two feed-forward outside the earcup – to bring noise cancelling performance that can cancel out up to 27dB or 95 per cent of background noise.

Street noise, background sounds, transportation noise or human voices are all dramatically reduced or cancelled. The earcups feature ergonomic ear cushions made of soft memory foam.

This combination of active and passive noise reduction leads to the elimination of unwanted ambient sound to leave the user with a totally uninterrupted listening experience.

The earcups also feature both easy-to-use physical buttons and touch controls – swiping up or down on the right earcup controls the volume and basic voice assistant functions, while a single tap activates or deactivates ANC or lets you engage Awareness Mode to hear more of the world around you as your music continues to play.

Using the physical buttons, you can select: play, pause, skip forwards or backwards or perform simple call features.

The audio sound the Philips PH805 comes from high-quality 40mm neodymium drivers capable of hi-resolution levels of performance – with an HRA accredited wide bandwidth of 5Hz to 40KHZ. This allows users to enjoy the music how the musician envisioned it.

The PH805 is one of the lightest models in the over-ear wireless ANC sector, also with a clever folding design. In addition, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity enables users to enjoy all of their music from phones, tablets or laptops, free from any wires, and battery life is 30 hours.

There is also the option of a wired connection with an extra audio cable to allow the headphones to be continued to be used without battery power.