Tefal teams up with Men in Black

Tefal is working with Sony in a partnership with the new Men in Black film (MIB International) to create awareness and drive sales of its new concept IXEO linen care product.

IXEO is one of the first all-in-one ironing and steaming solutions and is a totally new way of taking care of your garments. It has a Smart Board with three integrated positions, an intelligent steam head suitable for all fabrics, turbo steam technology, a removable base and is easy to transport through built in wheels.

Running from mid-June throughout July, Tefal will be deploying a multi-level digital media campaign which will include both Facebook and YouTube. There will also be social media activity with a Facebook carousel and a cinema ticket giveaway competition, i.e. share and tag a friend you’d love to see the new MIB International film with.

The digital media campaign will be underpinned with a comprehensive range of specially designed MIB International themed in-store POSM.

Andre Silva, Marketing Manager, Groupe SEB, said: “The Tefal IXEO will create a new category in linen care. It is specifically targeting a new and emerging market of 23-49 year olds who have a high spending power, tend to be city dwellers and are last minute ironers. They also consider it a social requirement to look pristine.

“This is exactly what the iconic Men in Black films are all about – looking good in difficult situations. We believe that target market viewers of the new MIB International film are the same as purchasers of IXEO. Hence this partnership.”