New marketing campaign to support Tefal ActiFry Low-Oil Fryers

Variety and versatility aren’t words you typically associate with air fryers. But the Tefal ActiFry is different. Its patented 360° paddle even stirs the food for you, opening up a world of exciting cuisine options that other fryers cannot. So you need never eat the same meal twice.

Caroline Ross, Marketing Manager Groupe SEB, explained why the Tefal ActiFry continues to be one of the UK’s best sellers after 10 years: “71 per cent of home chefs get a kick out of trying new recipes, with 73 per cent trying to eat healthy but not at the expense of a delicious dish. 68 per cent are willing to make a meal from scratch… if only they could find the time. The answer is the Tefal ActiFry and that’s the message we will be communicating out loud and clear.”

Running for six weeks from 1 November to 16 December, Tefal will be deploying a multi-level digital media campaign comprising the following elements:

  • Seven product feature films shot from a rotating camera simulating the motion of the paddle and hence 360° cooking.
  • A programmatic display.
  • Facebook display.
  • Email campaign.
  • YouTube pre-roll.

The digital media campaign will be underpinned with a range of specially designed in-store POSM including bespoke packaging, on product POSM including wobblers, interactive display cards and leaflets.

As a final touch, Tefal will be branding up a carnival style Ferris Wheel on Exmouth seafront, with each carriage serving up a different ActiFry cuisine option. The public will be invited to take a seat and enjoy their meal sky-high. What better way to bring 360° cooking to the masses?