Technics unveils Ottava SC-C30 wireless speaker system at HIGH END

Technics has announced the expansion of its acclaimed Premium Class OTTAVA SC series with the launch of the SC-C30 wireless speaker system.

This is the third year in a row that Technics chose to launch a Premium Class OTTAVA SC series product at the high-profile Hi-Fi event in Munich – confirming the brand’s commitment to audiophiles and to the HIGH END show itself. In 2017, Technics’ SC-C70 compact stereo system made its public debut at HIGH END, and this was followed last year by the equally alluring SC-C50 wireless speaker system.

Available in the autumn this year, the SC-C30 marks a new high-water mark in the development of wireless speakers. A more compact version of the beautiful arc-shaped SC-C50 wireless network speaker, the new model also combines top-class build quality and acoustic engineering with a stunning design aesthetic. The secret to the Premium Class OTTAVA SC models’ success is that, despite their compact size, they deliver a powerful yet refined, room-filling sound regardless of the room’s characteristics.

As befits the Premium Class OTTAVA SC tag, each model in the series offers compatibility with a wide-range of sources and cutting-edge formats so that users can listen effortlessly to a compelling, distinguished sound from all manner of high-quality wirelessly streamed content including the latest studio-quality Hi-Res Audio formats such as DSD, WAV, FLAC and ALAC. The Premium Class OTTAVA SC series enables listeners to enjoy music in unprecedented clarity and make an emotional connection with their favourite tunes, a listening experience on a par with attending concerts or witnessing live recordings.