T3 Awards Hat Trick: AEG Scoops Up Award for Third Consecutive Year

AEG has received the coveted ‘Best Washing Machine’ award for the third year in a row at the prestigious T3 Awards. Judges were blown away with the AEG 9000 Series L9FEC966R washing machine stating the appliance “cleans excellently, runs very quietly and has an A+++ rating for energy efficiency”.

The AEG 9000 series features ‘world-first’ water-softening technology. By using an ion-exchange filtering system, it removes the minerals found in hard-water that can be harsh on fabrics, softening the water that enters the drum. Combined with our Okomix technology, which allows detergents and softeners to work at maximum efficiency at the lowest temperatures, it provides the cleaning power of a 60 degree wash at only 30 degrees – ensuring that colours stay vibrant, fabrics feel soft and clothes keep their shape. Given that approximately 60% of UK households are based in hard-water areas, this is a washing machine that continues to be relevant into 2021 and beyond.

The 9000 L9FEC966R also responds to a plethora of family needs, thanks to its outstanding versatility. This washing machine has a capacious 9kg drum, perfect for large household loads and the steam function results in less ironing for families as the intelligent programme reduces creases in dry fabrics by up to a third. The Quiet Mark stamp of approval shows it will deliver outstanding washing results without disrupting the tranquillity of your home.

With T3 awards often hailed as the ‘Oscars of the tech world’, AEG is delighted to win the T3 Best Washing Machine Award for the third time. The team eagerly await 2021 to see if they can achieve lucky number four!