Smeg introduces new VIVOscreen connected ovens

Italian cooking brand Smeg has unveiled its brand new, smartest ever oven collection.

Adding to its diverse range of kitchen tech, the VIVOscreen connected ovens boast a bigger, full-colour display with all-new graphics, exciting new functions and greater ease of use.

The new extra wide VIVOMax screen means more information and functions can be shown at once, which will also be easier to read and simpler to use. Navigation is intuitive thanks to full touch vertical and horizontal scrolling. In addition, by holding down any item on the display for three seconds, a pop up will appear to explain its function.

The ovens also feature new visual icons, bright colours and high definition graphic effects. As well as this, to create your own recipes, the My Recipes section allows you to store up to 64 of your own favourite dishes into the memory of the oven.

The new display is available in two versions: VIVO, at 9.5 by 5.5cm, and VIVOMax premium at 15 by 5.2cm.

Hitting stores in September this year, the VIVOscreen ovens join Smeg’s SmegConnect smart range and the oven will work in conjunction with the new dedicated SmegConnect app.