Siemens debuts bean-to-cup coffee machines

Siemens Home Appliances has mastered the art of making the perfect cup of coffee with the EQ.9 s700, one of a new collection of fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines.

Siemens said it has locked in the great aroma of coffee with the iAroma System, with its sensoFlow intelligent heater, which heats the water to the perfect temperature (between 900C and 950C) and maintains this temperature throughout the entire brewing process to ensure the full aroma is released.

The ceramDrive grinder grinds the coffee beans to an even consistency, allowing the different flavours to develop during the brewing process. Meanwhile, the smart water pump delivers the perfect balance of water pressure and water flow speed to extract maximum flavour.

The iAroma System features on all machines in the range. The top-of-the-range EQ.9 s700 (pictured) also offers the following functions:

  • No matter which is your favourite coffee, the oneTouch Function serves up the perfect cup at the touch of a button.
  • The calc’nClean cleans and descales the appliance, maximising its lifespan.
  • When entertaining friends and family, the oneTouch DoubleCup can make two beverages at the same time.
  • The coffee machine can be wirelessly controlled with phone or tablet via the Home Connect app. This gives easy access to handy features like the coffeePlaylist, which stores multiple beverages on a list and prepares them one after another. Via the app you can access coffeeWorld, which offers a variety of international coffee specialities.
  • The quality of your coffee depends on five essential factors: coffee strength, amount, temperature, coffee-to-milk ratio and brewing speed. By switching to baristaMode, you can make even finer adjustments to these elements for a customised cup of coffee.
  • With the aromaDouble Shot function, only the best of the beans make it into your cup. Two automatic grinding and brewing processes ensure there is no bitter aftertaste, as less water means less bitterness.
  • With the dualBean System, it’s simple to prepare your desired coffee using the right beans. Two separate coffee bean containers, each with its own grinder, ensure that different beans never get mixed up.