Samsung expands its Bespoke appliances range for 2021

Samsung Electronics has announced its expansion of its Bespoke Home Appliances line-up.

The tech giant held its Bespoke Home 2021 event – a new virtual platform and global showcase for Samsung Home Appliances ­– yesterday (11 May) to unveil the global expansion of the Bespoke refrigerator line-up and nods to the upcoming global launch of the Bespoke Kitchen package, along with new lifestyle appliances and integrated IoT solutions.

“It is our mission to develop products that help consumers manage and run their lives better,” said JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics.

The Bespoke refrigerator line-up is expanding to Europe – products are available in 1-Door and Slim 1-Door Fridge and Freezer options, and Classic Fridge Freezer models in 1.8- and two metre options with six different finishes and a broad palette, ranging from classic white to soft pastels and statement colours.

The new Bespoke kitchen package is Samsung’s first global expansion of Bespoke products beyond refrigerators, bringing the philosophy of customised appliances to the entire kitchen starting with markets in the U.S. and Europe.

Launching in the second half of this year, the range will also expand to include a Bespoke range microwave oven and dishwasher, built in the same look and feel as the refrigerator.

The package allows customers to unify or mix and match their kitchen aesthetic around their favourite colour and finish, with choices of Matte Black Steel, Navy Steel, Champagne Rose Steel and White Glass.

Also coming this year, a Bespoke AirDresser, Bespoke air purifier, and Bespoke Jet stick vacuum cleaner from Samsung.

The Bespoke Jet comes with a Clean Station and charging station attached, while Jet Bot AI+ is the first robot vacuum to come equipped with an Intel AI solution. The smart vacuum leverages its object recognition technology, along with its LiDAR and 3D sensors, to identify objects and determine the optimal cleaning path. Also outfitted with a camera, Jet Bot AI+ is integrated with the SmartThings app to assist with remote home monitoring.

The Korean manufacturer also highlighted other new lifestyle appliances, including Bespoke ShoeDresser, Cube refrigerator and water purifier, nodding towards its future. These products are currently only available in Korean market.

Samsung’s vision for the Bespoke Home also emphasises connected living through AI and automation. Driving this vision is the brand’s SmartThings, which provides users with a centralised and effortless home management platform.

SmartThings Cooking provides personalised meal plans and recipes that reflect user preferences and fridge inventory, automatically applying cooking temperatures and modes based on each recipe directly to synced cooking appliances.

SmartThings Pet syncs with home appliances like the Bespoke air purifier and Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum to let users check on their pet when not at home. The service is set to launch globally in Europe during the second half of 2021.

SmartThings Clothing Care syncs with the Bespoke AirDresser as well as smart washers and dryers to make laundry days more efficient.