Rethink cooking with Neff’s Home Connect kitchen

Home appliance manufacturer NEFF is launching a range of appliances that are enabled with Home Connect.

NEFF is taking the connected kitchen to a new level, making it possible for cooking aficionados to not only manage their oven, fridge, dishwasher and other home appliances remotely, but to open them up to an added range of clever functionalities thanks to the Home Connect app.

The Home Connect app is also linked with third party apps such as Amazon Alexa and IFTT (If This Then That), allowing users to control their NEFF kitchen via voice control.

Whether your hands are tied up in preparing a juicy joint or kneading and rolling out dough, users will be able to get the oven started hands-free via voice control, on the exact temperature setting they require. And once dinner is ready, a notification is sent straight to the user’s phone.

And if you ever get stuck for inspiration in the kitchen, the Home Connect app has an abundance of recipes to choose from. You can search by food type in the app’s cookery book and once you select your desired recipe, the app provides a list of ingredients, cooking time and temperature, and guides you through the preparation.

The app is also updated regularly with recipes and even has a Coffee Menu, so you can ask Alexa to get your flat white or cortado ready for you first thing in the morning.

Home Connect also allows you to control the hob and hood in your NEFF kitchen, meaning you can keep your eyes on the cooking and not the hood controls. The connected induction cooktop communicates with the hood turn it on and off, and adapt the extraction rate to the cooking aromas created.

Meanwhile, with Super Cooling, reduce the temperature of the NEFF Wi-Fi-connected fridge remotely via the Home Connect app. This is useful for cooling down drinks quickly or when coming home with a big supermarket shop.

Even the dishwasher, via Home Connect, can be started with a voice command and users can also check the remaining time.

Jo Eyers, Group Marketing Manager for NEFF, commented: “The future of food and cooking experience has arrived. With our new range of connected appliances NEFF’s Infinite Kitchen is opening up possibilities to experiment with technology but still be creative in the kitchen. With Home Connect, our appliances are more intuitive than ever, freeing up our cooks’ time to concentrate on what’s important – creating ever-more delicious meals for family and friends to enjoy.”