Pro-Ject Audio marks 30 years with new Debut PRO turntable

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with the release of a turntable.

The Austrian hi-fi stereo company said the Debut PRO demonstrates their “many years of experience”. Since 1991, Pro-Ject has been offering high-quality audio products for discerning music lovers.

The Debut, which came into existence during 1998, was the perfect example of this objective, but after 23 years and various iterations, Debut PRO enters the range at a new price point to set a new standard of affordable audiophilia.

This is far more than a special edition; it’s a new premium addition to the Debut range, exhibiting the very best technical design, elegant aesthetics and true high-end sound from an affordable audiophile device.

The Debut PRO has been re-engineered for a more high-end performance. Starting with the tonearm, which features Pro-Ject’s coveted Carbon-Aluminium one-piece tonearm technology. The 8.6 tube is incredibly light and rigid, utilising the light-weight, sturdy characteristics of carbon fibre, and combining it with aluminium for its added damping properties and better electrical shielding, resulting in improved resistance to external interferences.

Structurally, the Debut PRO is available in a luxurious satin black paint. The traditional rectangular footprint has a timeless minimalism, and is made of MDF for its excellent anti-resonant properties. The in-house designed and manufactured AC drive motor is made to fine tolerances for minimal noise, but to further eliminate any potential interference the motor is decoupled from the main chassis by a mounting plate with TPE-damped fixing points. The mounting plate isolates the motor while still keeping it perfectly level with the sub-platter drive system for absolute speed stability. The turntable plinth also sits on three height-adjustable metal feet with TPE-damping in a unique nickel-plated finish for the Debut PRO. The result is a platform free from unwanted vibrations, ideally suited to record playback.

The Debut PRO is equipped to play 33 and 45 RPM records with a simple switch of the elegant top-mounted rocker switch. When setting to 45 RPM playback and manually adjusting the drive belt to a larger pulley ring, the turntable can also play 78 RPM records.

Intensive research, development and listening tests have been necessary to gain the exact sound that Pro-Ject was looking for in producing the Debut PRO. By adding more high-end features than ever before to a Debut design, and thanks to Pro-Ject’s decades of experience in engineering, the Debut PRO also has an eye-catching and sophisticated appearance.

Supplied with the Pick-IT Pro cartridge pre-installed, all of the accessories you need, a dust cover and a Connect-IT E phono cable in the box, the Debut PRO is ready to play once it’s connected to a hi-fi system with a moving magnet phono stage.