Philips 2019 OLED TVs set new picture quality standards

Philips has introduced its 3rd Generation P5 engine as part of its 2019 OLED TV range, and two new OLED+ models have been launched this week at IFA.

The 3rd generation of P5 is set to become a new reference standard for best picture quality in the premium TV sector, the company said. It is implemented in a special two-chip arrangement that maintains the optimised order of processing of the original P5 but adds additional computational power to key intensive parts of the processing chain – the overall result is a doubling of the processing power and a 30 per cent PQ improvement over the existing 2nd generation P5 chip.

2nd Gen P5 equipped Philips OLED TVs were already widely acknowledged for reproducing some of the best picture quality in 2018, with the company’s 803 and 903 (pictured) models winning more than 47 awards and two independent ‘blind’ picture shoot-outs.

The 3rd generation of P5 extends PQ performance even further, bringing improved noise reduction, better sharpness, more accurate colours and skin tones and better contrast to all sources.

The new engine has the power to bring PQ improvements to Philips TV’s Perfect Natural Reality feature, plus better overall HDR performance, including for both HDR10 and HDR10+ sources and, for the first time, can enhance Dolby VisionÒ encoded dynamic HDR content.

For HDR content the 3rd Gen P5 uses higher bit resolution to remove the problem of loss of detail in very dark areas, ensure that there’s no colour clipping in very bright and colourful scenes and removes any unwanted colour banding while protecting gradients within skin tones.

New for 2019 is the inclusion of Dolby Vision compatibility, with Philips now offering support for all the major HDR formats – including Dolby Vision – across almost the company’s entire range of sets – including every model from the 6000 series upwards.

The Philips TV PQ team has worked in close partnership with Dolby to enable the key benefits of P5 to deliver a spectacular viewing experience while retaining artistic intent.

The 3rd generation P5 can also improve SDR and HDR 10/HDR10+ images with less noise, artefacts with picture quality that is both sharper and smoother.