Panasonic’s 2021 TV line-up

Panasonic has revealed more of its OLED and LED TVs for 2021.

Following on from its CES announcement about the flagship JZ2000 OLED TV, in 2021 Panasonic is guided by its ‘See it all. Feel it all’ concept to further improve the immersive viewing enjoyment of sports, gaming, streaming, and all other content.


Alongside the JZ2000 comes the new JZ1500, JZ1000 and JZ980 series (pictured below), available in 65, 55 and 48-inch sizes.

Providing a brighter OLED experience with its Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panels on the JZ1500 (pictured above).

Panasonic JZ980

All of these OLED series will feature the brand new HCX Pro AI processor, enabling the new Auto AI picture mode. Auto AI helps deliver an optimum experience to viewers by accurately detecting what kind of content is being viewed – for example, cinema or sports – and then automatically adjusts the picture quality accordingly. The Auto AI mode is a standalone picture mode, so viewers who want to manually select their preferred settings will still be able to.

This also supports Game Mode Extreme, which reduces latency down to amongst the very lowest figures in the industry for an OLED TV. These latency reductions are the result of significant engineering enhancements made by Panasonic, rather than industry-wide panel improvements.


Panasonic JX940

Panasonic has also announced three new LED TV series for 2021: the JX940 series (75, 65, 55 and 49-inch), the JX850 series (65, 58, 50, 40-inch), and JX800 series (65, 58, 50, 40-inch).

The JX940 series will have particular appeal for sports and gaming enthusiasts. It features the new HCX Pro AI processor and Intelligent Clear Motion also smooths out dynamic actions for flicker-free viewing.

Secondly, the JX940 series comes with a 120Hz, bright HDR Cinema Display Pro panel with wide viewing angles. Dolby Atmos support also delivers room-filling stadium sound.

In addition, it features an iteration of Panasonic’s flexible pedestal design. When the pedestals are placed in the outer position, it raises the TV up slightly to allow for a soundbar to be placed below it.

JX800: Panasonic’s previous generation HCX processor now appears on core models such as the JX800 series, so picture quality, in combination with the HDR Bright Panel Plus and a very wide range of streaming services, makes it an ideal budget-friendly family TV for binge watching.

The JX800 also combines, for the first time, Android OS with some of the user-friendliness of Panasonic’s my Home Screen operating system.

In 2021 Panasonic continues its tradition of supporting premium features throughout the line-up.

Film Maker Mode with Intelligent Sensing will be supported in 2021 all the way down to the JX800 series.

In terms of HDR formats, Dolby Vision IQ will be supported in all 2021 OLED TVs and also on the JX940 series LED TV. Dolby Vision and the HDR10+ Adaptive format will be supported all the way down to the JX800, in addition to the HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma.

All new models will also feature the latest iteration of Panasonic’s smart TV OS, my Home Screen 6.0.

All models down to and including the JX850 also support both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, allowing users to use their voice to check the weather or the news in addition to other useful information right on their TV. The JX800 supports Google Assistant but not Amazon Alexa.