New washing machine line-up from Bosch

The Serie 6 WAL28RH1GB and Serie 8 WAV28MH4GB models

Bosch has introduced its new line-up of freestanding washing machines – the Serie 6 WAL28RH1GB and Serie 8 WAV28MH4GB models were launched in April, while the Serie 8 WAV28EH3GB and Serie 8 WAX28EH1GB are new this month.

In line with the brand’s ‘Invented for life’ ethos, the new models are packed with stand-out features. Highlights include Reload, which allows you to add items mid cycle, and SpeedPerfect, meaning you can wash up to 65 per cent faster with no compromise on results.

Models are also designed to keep the peace with Anti Vibration side walls. Expect quieter running, even during the spin, thanks to improved stability and reduced vibration. Plus, the washing machines are backed by Bosch’s EcoSilence Drive. This brushless, energy-saving motor optimally reduces friction to ensure a much smoother, quieter operation while delivering high-performance cleaning.

The new Bosch washing machines also feature AntiStain technology. This automatically targets and removes up to four or 16 (depending on model) of the most common stains from red wine, blood and grass to baby food, butter, coffee, cosmetics and tomato.

The new Serie 8 WAV28EH3GB and Serie 8 WAX28EH1GB

In addition, the models launched this month (WAV28EH3GB and WAX28EH1GB) feature i-DOS intelligent dosing. Special sensors detect the load weight, fabric type and degree of soiling, and the intelligent dosing system releases just the right amount of liquid detergent and softener for perfect results.

Alex Lucas, Category Manager, Laundry, BSH Home Appliance, commented: “We are excited to be bringing these new washers to market. The range of features available on these new machines gives consumers the flexibility on when and how to do the laundry. Options such as SpeedPerfect are perfect for washing clothes quickly, and the Reload feature means having to run another cycle for those forgotten garments will be a thing of the past.”