New Indesit integrated Push&Go washing machines and washer dryers

There are brand new integrated Push&Go washing machines and washer dryers from Indesit.

The brand said “they boast time-saving innovations, resource saving technology and a number of advanced features for cleaning the whole family’s clothes”.

Designed to help busy families complete larger loads of laundry within the same standard footprint, without compromising on their preferred kitchen style, the new appliances benefit from Indesit’s clever water balanced technology – this ensures they use just the right amount of water needed for each load, so no essential resources are wasted. Additionally, users can also adjust the spin speed and water temperature for further resource savings.

Indesit’s new integrated Push&Go 9kg washing machine (BI WMIL 91484 UK) benefits from 14 programmes, including Push&Go and the specific 30-degrees Zone cycles. Push&Go is a time-saving, one-button system that begins a dedicated 45 minute cycle at 30 degrees, without the user having to adjust any of the settings.

Push&Go washer dryer

For families with limited space, the integrated washer dryer (BI WDIL 861284 UK) benefits from a generous 8kg wash/6kg dry capacity, Push&Go and a variety of drying options, including Drying only and Iron, which softens creases in the garments making it easier for the user to iron their clothes once the cycle is finished.

Charmaine Warner, Indesit Brand Manager, said: “At Indesit, we manufacture easy-to-use appliances that make everyday tasks simpler, faster and stress-free, to help reduce the burden of housework. Our new large capacity integrated washing machines and washer dryers with Push&Go technology offer consumers a variety of cycles and features to meet their laundry needs, while being able to conceal their washing machine, or washer dryer, behind a cabinet door.”

You can read more about Indesit’s integrated appliances in ERT’s upcoming Built-in Appliances feature in the May edition. Stay tuned for updates!