Keeping it cool – new Indesit built-in fridge freezer with temperature regulation technology

Indesit has launched a new built-in fridge freezer – it comes in a 70/30 split and boasts the brand’s Push&Go and Total No Frost technology.

The brand new fridge freezer benefits from a combined capacity of 250 litres, which is approximately 14 bags of shopping, and a customisable interior with moveable extra strong glass shelves and fridge door balconies.

The addition of the latest inverter compressor not only creates a quieter environment, it reduces temperature fluctuations in both the fridge and freezer, reducing freezer burn and moisture loss from frozen food while minimising energy consumption.

In addition, to keep the user’s groceries fresh from the moment they get home from the supermarket, users can press the Push&Go button to activate extra cooling power in the appliance. With just one push of the button, the technology will restore the temperature of the fridge up to 40 per cent faster, even when the fridge is completely full. Furthermore, Total No Frost technology prevents ice formation in both the fridge and freezer, so the user won’t need to manually defrost the appliance, saving both time and effort

The fridge freezer can be hidden behind kitchen cabinets, as well, enabling consumers to benefit from the latest technology without compromising on their preferred kitchen style..

Charmaine Warner, Indesit Brand Manager, said: “Our brand new Total No Frost built-in fridge freezer boasts a generous capacity and flexible storage options to make storing all of the family’s favourite food much easier. What’s more, thanks to Push&Go, when filling the fridge with food from the supermarket the appliance’s temperature is restored much quicker, ensuring food freshness is preserved. With consumers working from home more frequently, we’ve also ensured our brand new fridge freezer operates quietly in the background, to not disturb family life.”