New freestanding microwave from Hotpoint

Hotpoint has launched a new freestanding microwave oven with grill and crisp plate that features Flat Bed Technology, which creates more space for the user to cook multiple dishes simultaneously.

The compact microwave has a 20 litre capacity, with the same usable space of a Hotpoint 25-litre capacity microwave.

A clever alternative to the traditional microwave turntable, Flat Bed Technology optimises the space available, allowing the user to position several dishes of different shapes and sizes in the microwave at the same time, which eliminates the time wasted for different dishes to cook individually.

The freestanding microwave has a multitude of technologies and it uses the heat of the grill and the square crisp plate accessory to ensure food is deliciously golden and crisp, even underneath.

With up to 25 automatic programmes, the AutoCook Function means the time and power level will be set automatically at the touch of a button to perfectly cook a variety of meals. In addition, the AutoClean programme eliminates the effort of cleaning the microwave while its smooth interior coat is easy to wipe, making cleaning the microwave even easier.

Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand at Hotpoint, said: “With the size of the home shrinking and morphing into one living space, there has never been so much pressure to maximise the use of space so prolifically. Compact appliances with multifunctional benefits bring a wealth of cooking opportunities into the smallest of spaces.

“Flat bed microwaves do not have turntable and therefore create additional space in the cavity. The new Hotpoint freestanding microwave (MWHF 206 B) comes with a unique square crisp plate to further maximise the space and enable the user to cook meals that are crisp and full of flavour.”