Hidden appliances: New built-in fridge freezers from Hotpoint

Hotpoint has launched a brand new range of built-in fridge freezers, designed to bring advanced cooling and food preservation technology into the built-in market.

With open-plan living remaining popular, built-in fridge freezers enable consumers to conceal their cooling appliance behind furniture doors, matching the rest of their kitchen, to provide a sleek and modern aesthetic.

This new range from Hotpoint means that consumers can benefit from keeping their appliance hidden away, while guaranteeing optimal preservation for their fresh and frozen food.

Included is the Hotpoint Total No Frost built-in fridge freezer (HTC18 T532 UK), which benefits from Hotpoint’s Food Care System; a combination of technologies that ensure ideal food preservation. For example, Active Oxygen technology removes odours from the fridge and helps to keep bacteria at bay; MultiCool Flow ensures a constant and uniform airflow in all sections of the refrigerator, while the Ultra Fresh Zone+ preserves the freshness of fruit and vegetables for up to 15 days.

What’s more, the appliance boasts Total No Frost technology, meaning the user never has to defrost their fridge freezer again. It also benefits from Fast Freeze, which enables the user to freeze fresh food in a shorter amount of time.

Kimberley Garner, Hotpoint Brand Manager, said: “We understand the growing trend for hidden appliances, which is why we have updated our built-in refrigeration offering. And Hotpoint’s latest appliances ensure food is kept fresh for as long as possible.”