New appliances from Hisense for 2021

Home appliances manufacturer, Hisense, has added a selection of brand new products to its existing ranges for 2021 – including ovens, hobs, dishwashers, washing machines and fridge freezers.


There’s a new generation of Built-in Ovens; the all-new BSA65222PBUK features Simultaneous Cooking, which allows users to cook on up to five different levels, with five separate shelves and unique technology to whip away any smells from each dish.

The Pro Grill feature offers variable heater combinations, promising even browning and zero risk of over-cooking, paired with the Total View window so you can keep tabs on cooking progress without having to open the door.

For the bakers, the Even Bake Technology takes inspiration from traditional ovens by utilising a slightly rounded shape and smartly placed heaters to provide an even bake. Paired with Steam Bake, simply add water to the tray and chose one of three settings depending on the required steam, the water evaporation creates a moist environment helping any dough to bake to perfection.

There’s also Pizza Mode with professional cooking.

Hisense has also added the new I6456C Area Flex Hob to its range. Heating up twice as fast as gas, the Area Flex is the ultimate way to cook. With four electric induction hobs, keen chefs and amateur foodies alike are able to cook up a storm.

The I6456C Hob has five clever IQ functions, including Slow Cooking to maintain a gentle boil for dishes like soups and stews. Having two vertically connected zones on the hob allows for larger cooking surfaces for bigger pots and pans to be utilised.

As well its stylish appearance and ease of use, the Stop and Go feature takes the stress out of your cooking. At the press of a button, you can pause your cooking for 10 minutes then pick up where you left off.


Elsewhere, the all-new RQ760N4AIF PureFlat comes in a premium Stainless-Steel exterior, with recessed handles and a non-plumbed water dispenser offering cubed and crushed ice, alongside chilled water.

Inside, there are adjustable shelves, there’s a large door balcony and My Fresh Choice for complete flexibility, offering a Fridge Freezer that moulds to your lifestyle. My Fresh Choice allows a dedicated compartment to switch temperature at just the touch of a button from five to 20 degrees.


Hisense’s newest dishwasher, the HS661C60XUK Freestanding Dishwasher with Auto Dry, has space for up to 16 place settings and at only 42dB is suitable for open-plan living spaces.

Coming in white and stainless steel, this all-new model features fast cycles of just 15 minutes, and you can unload quickly thanks to the Auto Dry feature. At the end of its cycle, the Auto Dry mechanism will open the dishwasher allowing for the steam to escape.


The all-new Hisense WFGE10141VM has the largest porthole on the market at 34cm, allowing for convenient loading.

The clever steam function targets the fabric to remove allergens, as well as leaving clothes softer with fewer creases so there’s no need to iron. Wasting detergent will be a thing of the past thanks to the Auto Wash feature which tells users exactly how much detergent is required.

The nifty Pause & Add function means you can simply pause the cycle and add any forgotten items. Plus, the WFGE10141VM is extremely quiet thanks to new Invertor Technology, which also identifies the optimum speed for each load to ultimately use less energy.