NEFF launches new range of ceiling extractors

There is a wealth of NEFF extractors to tempt keen cooks, but for those looking for a smart solution with high performance, NEFF’s new range of ceiling hoods are a breath of fresh air.

The flush-to-ceiling extractors are available in two widths – 90cm and 120cm – to suit different hob sizes. The collection is also at the cutting edge of control thanks to smart-home system Home Connect, which works with home hubs like Amazon Alexa so that you no longer need to locate the extractor’s remote.

“This would be useful if you were cooking and had dirty hands – you could simply ask Alexa to turn on the hood to a particular power level,” said Sean Liddle, Product Manager, Ventilation, BSH Home Appliances.

Another innovation of the new ceiling hoods is Hob-Hood Control, whereby the hood connects directly to the hob via Wi-Fi. This means that when the hob is turned on, the hood is activated. A Climate Control Sensor then detects the amount of steam and smells and automatically sets the most effective power level to extract it.

“The advantage of this is that you don’t have to make manual adjustments to the hood during cooking, taking away all the worry of which power level to use and keeping noise levels to a minimum,” explained Mr Liddle.