Morphy Richards launches new food steamer

Morphy Richards has introduced a new food steamer. The new and improved Intellisteam steamer is described as “no ordinary steamer”; it features three separate compartments and an intelligent timer to synchronise the steaming process of separate ingredients.

Eliminating the need for multiple cooking processes, the Intellisteam’s clever horizontal design and features mean there is no contamination of flavours when cooking, and all compartments are accessible – unlike a traditional tiered steamer. A strong glass lid ensures the heat is retained.

Pre-programmed with eight settings for different food groups, the Intellisteam can also be re-programmed by the user, depending on their preferences and cooking habits. A handy keep-warm function means the ingredients are maintained at their best, regardless of interruptions. A bright and easy-use digital display represents the three individual steaming compartments and enables the user to easily set and see the remaining cooking time in each individual compartment.

As a safety measure there is also a boil-dry alarm to alert the cook to low water levels, and a safety cut-out, just in case.

Annaliese Curtis, Marketing Manager at Morphy Richards, said: “Steaming has long been acknowledged as the best way to maintain nutritional value and flavour in food, especially vegetables. However, historically, many consumers had found themselves turned off by the idea of using tiered stacking baskets and having to time separate components.

“We believe the Intellisteam removes all these obstacles, allowing the consumer to easily steam an entire meal in a single pot without flavour contamination. This appliance does all the hard work for you. We think it’s a gamechanger for consumers.”