Miele offers ultimate food freshness with new built-in K7000 refrigeration range

Miele has launched its new K7000 refrigeration collection, which matches the brand’s latest built-in cooking appliances. What’s more, the company boasts that spare parts will be available for at least 15 years – five years longer than the new Right to Repair law requires.

Miele promotes food freshness with temperature accuracy and minimal temperature fluctuation. One product feature is DuplexCool – separate circuits for the fridge and freezer, which allows users to manage the temperature accuracy more closely.

Another is DynaCool, where the fan within the fridge circulates air to ensure there are no hot spots, keeping the whole cavity at a consistent stable temperature. The third is Temperature Accuracy. The thermostat is a precision piece of equipment, which maintains the fridge temperature regardless of external conditions. This ensures that both hot days and cool nights will not cause fluctuation.

Miele’s new range also benefits from additional food freshness systems. From mid-range with DailyFresh, which controls humidity keeping fruit and vegetables fresh for twice as long, to the top-end model with PerfectFresh Active. This is a step on from Miele’s existing PerfectFresh Pro feature, as it provides long-lasting freshness in a visible way by spraying a fine mist waterfall on to the contents of the crisper drawer, preserving the quality of the food and its vitamins. It’s a method that is well-used in commercial and professional environments and now Miele is bringing it into the home, too.

The design of the new K7000 collection is also new and improved, with fingerprint-less CleanSteel back panels that distribute an even temperature as well as a new TFT touch display and shelf lighting for ease of use and culinary convenience.

Additional benefits include the new FlexiTray glass shelf that rotates from back to front for easy access as well as in-door racks that can be adjusted to suit requirements. The inner cavity is also larger than previous designs, allowing users to fit a Miele baking tray inside.

What’s more, the new Miele K7000 refrigeration range is Quiet Mark approved. It also features Wi-Fi as standard, allowing users to adjust the temperature via the Miele@home app as well as receive notifications should the door be left open.

Max McCormick, Category Manager for Cooling for Miele GB, said: “We’re incredibly pleased with the new K7000 range – the design, sustainability credentials and how well thought out they are.

“Design is really important for refrigeration, with consumers using their fridge multiple times a day, so we’re very happy this has also been recognised with the iF Design Award 2021. The new models met all criteria in full, and exceeded in terms of both form and function. This is thanks to the new PerfectFresh Active technology, alongside user convenience with the FlexiTray, FlexiLight 2.0 ambient lighting, versatile door racks and intuitive touch display.”