Meeting consumers’ coffee craving needs: Bosch unveils new Styline filter coffee maker

TKA8011 Styline filter coffee maker (white) and TKA8013 (black)

Bosch has introduced a new Styline filter coffee maker – coming in black and white.

The manufacturing giant said the highlight of this machine is its DualHeating System, comprising two heaters, one for brewing coffee between 92 and 96 degrees, and one for keeping the coffee warm (between 80 to 85 degrees).

Perfect for satisfying caffeine cravings, and to ensure that your coffee hits the spot no matter if you make three cups or the maximum number of 15, the Aroma Volume Automatic sensor in the water tank detects when the fill level is low and then automatically adjusts the brewing time. This means you never have to compromise on great taste or fantastic aroma.

The Styline filter coffee maker has been designed with functionality in mind. For example, when the water tank is built into the filter coffee machine, filling it from the tap can be inconvenient. But the Styline has a detachable water tank with integrated handle that can be filled directly from the tap. Another small but essential design detail is that the water level is readable from the outside.

In addition, too much limescale in a machine like this can have a negative effect on coffee taste and prolongs the brewing time. To extend the life of your machine, the Styline boasts EasyDescale, an integrated decalcification system that alerts you when it needs to be run. To ensure best function and taste, the appliance can also be programmed according to water hardness in your area.

Lucy Bye, Bosch Group Marketing Manager, BSH Home Appliances Ltd, said: “We are so pleased to launch our new Styline coffee makers. Ensuring consumers do not have to compromise on design or great tasting coffee, we have created a stylish machine that meets coffee craving needs.

“At Bosch we understand the importance of good coffee taste, requiring optimum coffee temperature – and the DualHeating feature allows for just that. We look forward to our consumers discovering better-tasting coffee from home.”