LG washing machine ‘the best ever tested’

LG Electronics’ FH4G1BCS2 Washing Machine has been praised by Which? as “the best washing machine we’ve ever tested”, receiving the coveted acknowledgement of ‘Best on test’.

Sitting atop the Which? comparison table for Washing Machines, the LG model is commended for its ‘near-perfect washing, rinsing and spinning’, as well as it ease of use, quiet operating noise, and A+++ energy label.

The FH4G1BCS2 joins LG’s 2019 Washing Machine line-up, which sees the introduction of  ground-breaking 6MotionDD, IntelloDD, TrueSteam and TurboWash innovations for industry-leading fabric care, efficiency, and speed.

Key features include:

TrueStream technology, which supports Allergy Care, Steam Softener and Steam Refresh programs, which deliver thorough cleansing and garment invigoration. Awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval your clothes will be as clean and soft as ever.

TurboWash trims the time of a regular wash program down to 49 minutes, reducing water and energy usage by up to 17 per cent.

Select a wash program and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.

Not just one but two high-efficiency Inverter Direct Drive motors enhance washing performance but without the noise. Inverter DD technology uses fewer moving parts, which reduces vibrations and enhances durability. Plus, the motors dissipate less energy, reducing electricity consumption.

Pause & Add Item – press ‘Pause’, wait for the cycle to stop, the door will open within three seconds, then add in your items to the wash.