Indesit launches new range of Push&Go dishwashers

Indesit has developed a brand new range of Push&Go dishwashers that boast a Fast&Clean programme that lasts less than half an hour.

The top-of-the-range, freestanding, Indesit Push&Go dishwasher has eight programmes for users to choose from including the eXtra hygiene cycle, which eliminates 99.9999 per cent of bacteria, thanks to the 72-degree rinse, maximising the cleanliness and overall hygiene of the dishes. What’s more, for consumers with limited time, the Auto Cycles feature is sensor controlled and automatically adjusts the dishwasher programme to maximise resource efficiency and the simple Push&Go function starts a clean and dry cycle with just one push of the dedicated button.

Designed to be easy-to-use, resource efficient and super spacious, the new range of full-size Indesit dishwashers have been designed with the busy family in mind. Available as both freestanding and integrated appliances, the ‘A +++’ energy rated dishwashers from Indesit also benefit from up to 25 per cent improved drying efficiency thanks to the new Auto Door feature. The newly engineered and motorised dishwasher door opens slightly to allow fresh air into the appliance, offering superior drying results.

Ensuring users have enough space to clean all their dishes and cookware, the brand new Indesit dishwashers benefit from flexible loading options, including a new third rack and the eXtra cycle. Users will no longer need a cutlery basket, as the third rack is designed to clean kitchen utensils and cutlery, releasing space in the lower basket, while the eXtra cycle allows the user to simply remove the top basket to wash items that measure up to 53 cm in height in just one hour.

Sara Bazeley, Brand Manager at Indesit, commented: “At Indesit, we understand the time pressures on modern families and have therefore introduced a brand new range of full-size dishwashers that benefit from time-saving features, including our brand new Fast&Clean cycle, which offers our most effective cleaning performance in just 28 minutes. Dishwashing is the most resource efficient and economical way of cleaning dishes, compared to washing them by hand, and with the new range boasting an ‘A+++’ energy rating, the consumer can saving money as well as time.”