Humax updates AURA box and adds extra streaming services

Humax has announced a significant firmware update (9.21) for its Android TV-based AURA 4K Freeview Play Recorder, adding numerous audio and video performance enhancements, and improvements to the overall user experience. 

The company has also confirmed that the Apple TV app is now available on AURA, delivering even more exciting entertainment options, and allowing owners to stream purchased or rented content such as blockbuster movies, box sets and music directly to their TV. In addition, NOW can be viewed on AURA through Chromecast, providing a host of additional sports, movies and shows from Sky. 

Firmware updates include: 

Upgraded ‘Top Picks’ and ‘Now & Next’ guides: AURA now includes a more dynamic Top Picks recommendations guide and Now & Next section with enhanced menus that are easier to navigate. 

Quick access to recent app: Recently-opened apps are displayed by holding down the Apps key, providing fast access to frequently-watched content. 

Audio options in setup wizard: The initial setup wizard guides users through the audio options available and selects optimal surround sound settings. 

Lip sync outside of live TV: Users can adjust lip sync settings in their favourite apps such as YouTube or Amazon Prime Video. 

Audio delay improvements: There is now an option to delay audio by negative milliseconds, enabling improved video synchronisation. 

Additional audio passthrough formats: Support for audio formats such as DTS, DTS HD and Dolby TrueHD (with Atmos) through compatible surround sound setups has been added. 

Media player compatibility: Now supports audio passthrough and audio delay in other media players for improved compatibility, such as VLC, Kodi and PLEX. 

The firmware will update automatically when the product is in standby mode, or can be activated manually through the settings menu.