Hotpoint’s new GentlePower tumble dryer

Hotpoint has introduced the new GentlePower tumble dryer, which helps to protect fabrics and care for the environment.

Matching the previously-launched GentlePower washing machine range, the new 9kg heat pump tumble dryer, which is available in white and silver, is a trusted partner in the home and delivers impressive results thanks to GentlePower technology. The advanced air recirculation system uses a multi-dimensional hot air flow to reach every part of the laundry load and works in combination with special anti-stress drum movements, to guarantee gentle yet brilliant drying results, whilst protecting the laundry during every cycle.

All of this is achieved with high efficiency thanks to heat pump technology, which, unlike conventional dryers, conserves the heated air and recycles it back into the drum for the most resource efficient way to dry clothes, towels and bedding.

What’s more, the advanced AutoCleaning condenser uses the water collected during the drying programme to automatically clean the fluff from the condenser at the end of each cycle.

Additionally, the dryer also benefits from the practical DuoFilter, just inside the door, to capture most of the fluff generated during the cycle. This double filtration system can be easily removed after every load.

Kimberley Garner, Hotpoint Brand Manager, said: “We know consumers can often find that tumble dryers deliver inconsistent drying performance, over drying some items with others remaining damp, which is why we designed the GentlePower range. GentlePower tumble dryers ensure total fabric care, thanks to the efficient heat pump technology and multi-dimensional airflow, while delivering excellent drying performance regardless of the fabric type.”