Hotpoint unveils brand new GentlePower Washing Machine

Hotpoint has launched a brand new premium range of washing machines.

The new 9kg ‘A’ energy rated GentlePower washing machine offers impressive cleaning results, as well as great resource efficiency, saving up to 65 per cent energy, 59 per cent water and 30 per cent detergent, thanks to its new GentlePower technology and the benefit of the AutoDose feature.

GentlePower technology is a clean water-recirculation system that evenly sprays water and detergent from the top of the drum onto the load of laundry. Compared to traditional washing machines (that release water and detergent inside the drum before being heated) this technology ensures that the minimum amount of energy and water required for the load is used.

What’s more, the washing machine’s AutoDose system uses the exact amount of detergent for every cycle.

In addition, the GentlePower washing machine has a Direct Drive Silent Motor and Silent Side Panels to minimise vibrations and allow for a low noise level even during fast spin cycles.

There’s also Steam Hygiene, which fills the drum with steam, keeping its temperature at 70-80 degrees for around 20-30 minutes, removing up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria. Steam Refresh revives clothes in just 20 minutes without having to put them through a full wash. Lastly, Steam Finish keeps laundry soft and plush for up to six hours, after the end of the cycle, with a special steaming and tumbling action.