Hotpoint launches new Anti-stain washer dryer range

Hotpoint has announced the new Anti-stain washer dryer range. The largest model in the range has an 11+7kg capacity, and features Anti-stain technology, which removes stains without the need for pre-treatment. The new range also achieves uniform drying, even on large items, including bedding and towels.

Choosing the correct setting to achieve the ultimate drying results can be a challenge. As well as delivering stain-free and perfectly dry laundry, Hotpoint has made setting cycles even simpler, to achieve laundry that feels and smells soft and fresh. The Hotpoint Anti-stain washer dryer range features three new Continuous Wash & Dry cycles that can be selected directly from the control dial to suit the most common household washing loads:

  • XS Rapid – For small daily loads;
  • Wash & Dry Mixed;
  • XL Bed & Bath – For those bulky items.

Kimberley Garner, Brand Manager for Hotpoint, said: “Our research shows that customers sometimes find it difficult to know the perfect cycle to choose for each of their typical laundry loads. We know achieving stain-free and evenly dried laundry time after time is the result our customers need, so we’ve developed a washer dryer that offers three Continuous Wash & Dry cycles, so from small loads to a big bedding and towel wash, we’ve got you covered.”

The Steam Refresh cycle can help breathe life into your laundry, without washing, and in just 20 minutes – saving you time on unnecessary cycles when your clothes only need a freshen up. Using less than two glasses of water the steam penetrates deep into fabrics: eliminating bad odours, relaxing fibres and reducing creases for easier ironing.

It has never been more important to provide the ultimate care and protection for your loved ones’ clothes. The new Anti-stain washer dryer has an effective Steam Hygiene option that can remove up to 99.9 per cent of viruses and bacteria from your laundry. The technology injects steam into the drum at the end of the cycle to hygienically clean the load, without the use of chemical additives, guaranteeing a clean load every time.

The Hotpoint Anti-stain 11KG washer dryer comes in White. The Hotpoint Anti-stain washer dryer is also available in 8KG and 9KG configurations, in White, Black and Graphite colour variants.