Hotpoint launches dishwashers with new ActiveDry technology

Hotpoint has announced the introduction of its new dishwasher ActiveDry system, offering its “best-ever” drying performance and energy efficiency to a brand new range of dishwashers.

ActiveDry naturally air dries dishes by automatically opening the door of the dishwasher, by up to 10 cm, at the end of the cycle. This lets residual humidity exit safely and allows fresh air to enter the cavity and hasten the drying of the load. This not only offers up to 60 per cent better drying results, but also reduces energy consumption by up to 20 per cent, to help minimise household energy costs.

In addition to this, the new technology helps to take care of immediate kitchen surroundings, protecting kitchen furniture from heat and humidity. The dishwasher door only opens when the internal temperature cools to around 40 degrees. Not only this, but the opening angle of the door will guide humid air from inside the appliance to ensure that moisture does not come into contact with the surrounding kitchen units.

The new range of full-size Hotpoint dishwashers, which includes freestanding and fully integrated models, also offers 3D Zone Wash technology, which efficiently removes stubborn, baked-on food to make hand-washing dishes a thing of the past. Further benefits include Active Oxygen technology, which naturally dissolves unpleasant odours in the dishwasher, the Glass Care cycle for optimal cleaning of the user’s favourite glasses and LED lights in the tub for easier loading and unloading.

Kimberley Garner, Hotpoint Brand Manager, said: “It is clear to us that consumers are often disappointed with their dishwasher due to dishes not being completely dry when unloading. As a result, we developed the ActiveDry system to ensure that dishes aren’t only spotless and water mark free, they are also perfectly dry, with the additional benefit that consumers can improve their energy efficiency at home too.

“We have a raft of support available for retailers, with exciting POS material available to attract and engage customers in-store to the new range.”