Hotpoint appliances accredited by Quiet Mark

Hotpoint ActiveCare tumble dryer NT M11 82XB (left) and freestanding dishwasher HFP 4O22 WG C X (right)

Hotpoint has been recognised by Quiet Mark for a range of appliances within its portfolio, including dishwashers, fridge freezers and tumble dryers.

Quiet Mark encourages manufacturers to prioritise noise reduction within the design of appliances to benefit health and well-being. Quiet Mark assesses products and identifies the quietest in a given category, providing consumers a more informed choice about the products they buy.

With the size of the average home in the UK decreasing, consumers are driven to seek appliances that have a low noise level, to help create a more peaceful environment.

A total of eight Hotpoint dishwashers have recently been accredited by Quiet Mark, including full-sized and slimline models, as well as freestanding and fully-integrated options. The Hotpoint freestanding dishwasher (HFP 4O22 WG C X UK), for example, boasts a super silent 42 dB(A) noise level, which is classed as a ‘faint’ noise, likened to a ‘quiet room’ and is quieter than ‘moderate rainfall’.

Each of the Quiet Mark accredited dishwashers benefit from Hotpoint’s inverter motor and thanks to its capacity to vary the velocity, the motor calibrates the water pressure and therefore the cleaning power, in combination with optimised electronic control at all times. The inverter motor leads to optimal energy efficiency, minimal vibration and therefore a low noise level.

Hotpoint’s HQ9 E1L fridge-freezer

In addition to dishwashers, 10 Hotpoint fridge freezers have been awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation, including the Day 1 Active Quattro fridge freezer (HQ9 E1L) with its super silent noise level of 37 dB(A), leaving the appliance to go unnoticed while working quietly in the background.

Lastly, two Hotpoint ActiveCare tumble dryers (NT M11 82XB and NT M11 92XB) have been recognised by Quiet Mark, both of which have a noise level of 65 dB(A).

Catherine Balderson, Senior Hotpoint Brand Manager, said: “Appliances from Hotpoint deliver outstanding performance, in addition to benefitting from the latest intelligent technology and functional stylish design. We value the importance of having a peaceful home and appreciate that operational noises from appliances can disturb everyday life.

“We encourage consumers to look out for the Quiet Mark logo when purchasing a new appliance, so they can be confident that their new appliance won’t interrupt daily life.”

To see the full list of Hotpoint appliances that have been accredited by Quiet Mark, you can find out more here.