Hoover’s new H-PURIFIER 700 wins Red Dot Award – just ahead of hay fever season!

Hoover’s brand new air purifier – the H-PURIFIER 700 – has won a Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2021.

The Red Dot Awards appraise the best products created every year through an International Jury of around 40 members. This year alone more than 6,500 products were evaluated.

The connected H-PURIFIER 700 was only launched this January; it’s designed to create a healthy and happier environment by combating pollutants such as dusty, dirty and unhealthy air – ultimately improving wellbeing in the home.

With the constant growth of respiratory diseases and the prediction of a 50 per cent increase in allergies over the next five years, Hoover’s H-PURIFIERS are an intelligent solution for a healthier and safer home environment.

Dave Matthews, Business Director at Hoover SDA, commented: “Our H-PURIFIERs are the perfect way to ensure that the highest air quality flows throughout the home and customers can be assured that their health is being prioritised when using one, which is especially important during hay fever season.”

Complete with its Allergy UK seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation, the Hoover H-PURIFIER features three settings – auto, max and sleep mode (just 21dBA) and thanks to its 360-degree Airflow, once allergens and pollutants are captured and filtered through the H-Trifilter, purified air is spread evenly in just a few minutes.

Thanks also to the hOn App, the H-Purifier 700 model collates air data and gives real-time monitoring information of Carbon Monoxide levels, internal and external pollution, humidity and temperature to ensure the best air quality. Equipped with a dedicated sensor, an alarm system will automatically activate alerts in case of critical levels of Carbon Monoxide.

The product features a HEPA (H13) filter, removing 99.97 per cent of particles and capturing airborne allergens such as pollen, dust mites and bacteria. Finally, the Active Carbon filter removes harmful gases and odours from detergents, solvents and gases.

The 700 model comes complete with a humidifier.