Hoover promises no loss of suction with new WiFi cordless stick vacuum

Hoover has launched one of the UK’s first WiFi cordless stick vacuum cleaners, that promises no loss of suction and can monitor calories burnt whilst in use.

The H-Free 800 multifunctional cordless stick with removable handheld offers a ‘hyper powerful performance’ throughout its 35-minute runtime, thanks to a powerful 220w brushless motor (25 per cent more powerful suction than the H-Free 700), Hoover’s HSpin-Core+ technology and a large exhaust filter.

What sets this apart from the competition is its ability to be monitored through Hoover’s Wizard app (pictured below), which provides statistics, maintenance information, product hints and tips and additional settings.

The app allows users to check battery status, when it was last used and for how long and number of calories burnt.

Hoover H-Free 800 can switch easily between different types of floors with ‘carpet mode’, whilst the Turbo boost gives the option to maximise the suction power. The vacuum also has continuous power mode, which helps prevent ‘trigger finger’ and can stand up on its own. This provides reassurance if you need to set it aside to move furniture.

The H-Free 800 also comes with a host of accessories, including a turbo brush, great for picking up unwanted hair, a radiator tool and up-to-top adaptor – for reaching the places the eyes can’t see.

Catrin Davies, senior product manager at Hoover SDA, said: “People’s vacuuming habits are evolving thanks to the popularity of cordless models and, as people are increasingly cleaning little and often, they need the capacity to make sure that the vacuum is ready when they are.

“If vacuuming is next on the chore list, with the Hoover H-Free 800, the battery status can be checked from afar before it’s time to ‘hoover’, with a smartphone notification letting you know when it’s ready to go. Users can also monitor the number of calories burnt so they can complement their exercise regime with housework.

“Smart home appliances are making their way into more and more homes and, whilst some may think the tech is a bit niche for now, investing in a connected model will ‘future proof’ the purchase and increase the product’s capabilities substantially.”