Hoover launches new H-WASH laundry models with market-leading technology

Leading appliance manufacturer, Hoover, has launched its ‘smartest’ laundry collection to-date; H-WASH.


Building on success with its former connected appliances, Hoover’s H-WASH range features market-leading technology, including compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, WiFi and NFC connectivity via the Hoover Wizard app, downloadable cycles and programme recommendations determined by wash loads.


Delivering a brand-new aesthetic, complete with monochromatic style and tactile controls, H-WASH washing machines are available in white, black or graphite colourways and feature high-positioned, wide portholes for easier loading and unloading.


Differentiated by good (300), better (500), best (700) product propositions, Hoover has initially launched H-WASH 300 and H-WASH 500 models. All SKUs in the H-WASH collection offer multiple quick wash options, an economy programme, high temperature hygiene washes and stain level adjustment, altering cycle length depending on the wash intensity required.


The LED text display allows users to see all cycle information including the selected programme, options, programme duration and more.


The H-WASH 500 collection includes a model with the largest capacity currently available on the market – from 8kg up to 14kg. The largest capacity is capable of accommodating more than 70 shirts! A sturdy and reliable washing machine that guarantees outstanding results, the ‘500 series’ features a new generation, brushless Eco-Power Inverter Motor; a long-lasting and powerful technology which enhances cleaning action up to 60 per cent and is four times more durable than a traditional motor, maximising efficiency and performance.


Other technology built into H-WASH 500 products is Active Balance; a system that optimises spin cycles, allowing more time for washing with reduced vibration. Some models offer Caredose, an eco-friendly technology which delivers accurate dosage for up to 21 washes.


The H-WASH 300 series is available in 7kg to 10kg capacities and with a selection of features, including NFC or WiFi connectivity, steam functionality, care programmes and the capacity to wash a full, mixed load in 59 minutes with Hoover’s All-in-One cycle.


Ben Peach, laundry product manager at Hoover, said: “We’ve remained committed to building innovation into our connected appliances since the launch of our first smart collection in 2015 and the H-WASH collection features our latest and greatest technology.


“Laundry has led the charge in smart appliances and products now aim to complement varying lifestyles, supporting creation of bespoke programmes, suggesting best cycles and giving people up-to-date information on product progress and performance.


“Research shows that people can be very formulaic with their washing habits, so modern products are created to add value to people’s individual regimes and make doing the laundry less of a chore by either recommending cycles or updating people on progress.”


To enquire about stocking Hoover’s H-WASH models, call 0330 0412345.


For information about Hoover’s innovative appliances, please visit or @Hoover_UK on Twitter.