Hoover launches new cordless vacuum with 1.5-hour runtime

Hoover Candy Group has launched two new cordless vacuum cleaners boasting exceptional run times and great versatility. 

With maximum run times of 60 and 90 minutes respectively, the new H-Free C300 21.6v, and H-Free C300+ 32.4v (pictured) models hold enough power to complete a full sweep of an average three-bedroom home several times over.

Boasting a range of useful features, such as Eco mode, which maximises the run time and reduces noise output, the H-Free C300 has a low profile foot and a handle that can be reclined flat to the floor for cleaning under furniture.

Coming in under 4kg, the bulk of its weight is in the foot of the product, making it more lightweight to handle, flexible and manoeuvrable – perfect for users with limited mobility. The vacuum has also been designed to be easy to carry and steer.

H-Free C300 combines powerful cordless floor cleaning with the familiar above floor cleaning features found in a traditional upright. The 2m stretch hose, extension tube and 3-in-1 crevice, dusting and upholstery tool enable up close and stair cleaning. All accessories store neatly onboard the vacuum, for added convenience.

With consumer-favourite features, such as LED nozzle lights, the H-Free C300 also has an on/off rotating brush bar, meaning the vacuum can provide the best possible clean for both carpets and hard floors. When switched on, the brush bar agitates stubborn dust and dirt in carpet fibres, bringing them to the surface to be swept away. Turning the brush bar off means smooth manoeuvrability and no scratches on hard floors.

The telescopic handle can be adjusted for the comfort of different users, and moreover it allows for compact storage. With the handle pushed down completely, the height of H-Free C300 is under 80cm, so that it can be stored without taking up too much space – a key benefit to modern homes where space is a premium.

Phillip Jones, head of marketing for Hoover SDA, said: “Our latest product launches are the result of continuous innovation and investment in research and development. They provide a range of technologies and features created to care for modern families.

“Consumer needs are continuously changing and evolving, with more and more people cleaning little and often, so it’s important for us to meet a range of demands with a product portfolio that can deliver on diverse customer requirements.

“Cordless is a big focus for us and we’re excited about the launch of the H-Free C300, which is ultra lightweight, has great dust pick up and incredible runtimes. We’re excited to bring it to market and are expecting a very positive reaction!”

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