The new Technics SC-C70 compact stereo system is equipped with jitter elimination and noise-shaping (JENO) circuitry in a bid to help reduce distortion from the audio signal.

The SC-C70 also features load-adaptive phase calibration (LAPC), which ensures perfect matching with the loudspeakers, and space-tuning calibration software to deliver high-quality sound in individual listening rooms.

Acoustic lenses are also used in front of the tweeters to help and disperse the sound.

Using the Technics app, users are able to have full control over playback, whether from a network, a CD, USB or smartphone. The integrated Apple AirPlay functions also allows users to stream music files from various Apple devices.

It will be available from September, but no prices had been announced as we went to press.

Technics: 0333 222 8777