Playbase is the latest addition to Sonos’s wireless home sound system and the newest speaker in its home theatre line-up.

It sits discreetly under the TV and measures just 58mm in height, while packing in 10 drivers in order to challenge conventional expectations of sound from a thin speaker, according to Sonos.

The speaker is intended to give the appearance of being cut from a single piece of granite, with no visible seams, which results in clean lines, an ultra-flat top. More the 43,000 holes make up its acoustically transparent grill. Playbase expands to other rooms when wirelessly connected to a Sonos sound system.

Later this year, users will also be able to control the speaker using voice control via any Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

Priced at £699, it is available in either black or white.

Sonos: 01344 887700