As a solution to improve the sound quality of a TV sound system, the M2 sound base from Q Acoustics delivers a 180-degree sound stage and hosts a powerful built-in subwoofer to handle the bass.

Q Acoustics says the M2 can blend seamlessly into any living space, with its compact design making it versatile even when space is at a premium. The M2 features a three-mode equaliser switch at the back, which adapts the bass level to suit the room and helps to deliver optimum sound quality.

This model also features Balance Mode Radiator speaker technology to deliver a 180-degree spread of sound.

The M2 can also be used as a music system, as the built-in Bluetooth aptX makes it easy to wirelessly connect a user’s device. The M2 is priced at £299.

Q Acoustics: 01279 501111