Unveiled at CES, the Nikon D5600 DSLR camera has been given an overhaul with more powerful wireless networking to help users share images more quickly and easily than its predecessor.

The 24-megapixel DX format D5600 shares most of the features – including its body and imaging pipeline – with the D5500 model, but now features Nikon’s SnapBridge technology for simple image sharing. This is being expanded across its entire line-up. 

The D5600’s SnapBridge set-up uses a new Bluetooth Low Energy radio to communicate with a user’s Android or iOS smartphone, phablet or tablet. It allows them to instantly transfer any images captured.

Nikon has also removed its built-in infra-red remote control support from the D5600 body. Remote control can now be done via SnapBridge, using a smartphone as the remote control device instead of requiring a standalone one. The D5600 is priced at around £799.

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