Kef has announced the Q50a Dolby Atmos-enabled surround speaker, which is part of its Q Series.

The upward-firing speaker is designed to be placed on top of front and rear satellite speakers to deliver the “height” sound. The model aims to eliminate the need to mount overhead speakers by using precise ceiling reflection to move the sound, but has the option to be mounted to the wall if needed.

It features a ‘Damped Tweeter Loading Tube’ – a rubber, chisel-shaped damper that is said to help keep high frequencies sounding detailed and natural.

At its heart is the Q-Series Uni-Q driver array, as well as a lighter cone return system, improved spider suspension, and a new generation of cone neck decoupler.

The Q50a speaker is available at a price of £450 per pair.

Kef: 01622 672261